Water Storage Systems - Almost every home with a well has a water pressure tank, but not every home has a water storage system. The average water storage tank holds around 2800 gallons of water. The average pressure tank holds around 22 gallons of water. The capacity of a storage tank system gives you ample amounts of water at your times of highest usage. It also requires in the pump to cycle much less often than with a pressure tank system – resulting in greater efficiency and longer pump life.

We offer a wide range of both polyethylene and concrete storage tanks to suit your needs.

Advantages of a storage tank.

  • Reduces pump cycles, prolonging pump life.
  • Sediment removal in water.
  • Gases(sulfur) removed through aeration.
  • Stores between 500-5500+ gallons depending on size of tank.
  • Fire hose adapters.
  • Creates ample supply for low producing wells during high usage.

Kutscher Drilling also offers services to tear down and remove old or abandoned water tanks.